Informations in case of an emergency

I hope nobody will ever need this informations, but in case of an emergency of my self, I will provide here my details.

Please note, this are personal informations and are only for use in an emergency case of my person. It is striktly forbidden to use it in any other way or eather to save them for any other reason!

I try to keep this datas up-to-date. (Last update: 11.04.2011)

Name Gordon Zube
Last address Flat 5, Sea Forest Court,

16 Georgiou ‘A’ Avenue,

4047 Limassol, Cyprus

Last phone number +357-97645458
Country of origin Germany
City of origin Burg b. Magdeburg
Health insurance Universal Life

Contact in Cyprus: +357-22 88 22 22 (during office hours)

Contact international: +44-18 92 51 39 99

Religion Atheist
On death In case of my death I would like to have a burial at sea.
Please note, I will not mention any names, phone numbers or e-mail addresses of my contacts… we are still in the internet and I wanna protect there privacy. But if you are smart then you will find out the contact details very easy.
Contact in Cyprus
Contact to the family
The german embassy is informed about my stay in Cyprus. Please contact them in a emergency case.

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